Flask-Multipass - A pluggable authentication framework for Flask

Wednesday, 01 December, 09:00AM – 09:25AM (UTC)

Authentication can be a tricky thing to do, especially when it's not just asking for username and password. This talk presents Flask-Multipass, a Flask extension meant to abstract this behind a common API.

Authentication using username and password may be easy, but if you prefer letting some third party handle it, that may be tricky: You are now dealing with protocols like OAuth, OIDC or SAML - and all of them have their own pitfalls. And depending on what you use, you may even have to change because the provider you are using is changing their APIs. Flask-Multipass provides an easy-to-use wrapper around this complexity. This talk will go into details on why the extension was created, which cases it covers (and which it doesn't - it's not another Flask-Login!), and how its flexibility allows easy implementation of new authentication methods.

Adrian Monnich

FlaskCon Speaker