Building Secured Flask Apps

Thursday, 02 December, 02:30PM – 02:55PM (UTC)

Flask is a powerful Python web framework. Flask makes developing web apps efficient and flexible, but it provides minimal security for developers who use it. As the saying goes, "to whom much is given, much is expected", building a Flask app requires extra security measures to be implemented.

In this talk, we will discuss essential security considerations you must follow to create a secured Flask app. What we will accomplish during this talk: - We will use the DevTools in our browser to read response data from our server. - Create a security considerations checklist which will verify if we have achieved goals. - What security considerations we will tackle and how to implement them in Flask. - What packages we can use to secure our Flask apps. - The outcome after implementing the security tips then marks our checklist. - We will then perform some webpage testing to check our security score.

Randy Duodu

A Python Back-End Developer from Ghana. FlaskCon Contributor and Technical Writer.