HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript

Thursday, 02 December, 02:00PM – 02:25PM (UTC)

See how to combine htmx for building dynamic, interactive web apps in 100% Flask and Python without the need for frontend frameworks like Vue.js and others.

There has been a strong drumbeat to move away from server-side programming and lean more and more heavily on JavaScript, especially for dynamic and interactive web sites. With the recent release of HTMX, there is another path Python developers can choose. Use declarative programming on the client side with nearly pure HTML and CSS and double down on back-end Python (Flask, Django, FastAPI, and other frameworks). In this session, Michael Kennedy will present some of the cleanest Flask code you have seen while at the same time adding rich interactivity on the front-end -- all the while with no JavaScript in side. It's a new, and likely better, way to think about building dynamic Python web apps.

Michael Kennedy

FlaskCon Speaker