David Lord
Pallets lead maintainer

Alexander Hultnér
Renowned Flask speaker who has been exploring the boundaries of auto tests generation and schema-based testing!

Jürgen Gmach
Maintainer of flask-reuploaded, the maintained fork of flask-uploads among others

Adam Englander
Pallets maintainer

Namgyal Brisson
A frenchman working for his own account with a vast experience working with many big names. Accepted from day 1 to help us out!

Julien Demoor
Frenchman with a vast Python experience whose role was key in the realisation of this conf

Ali-akber Saifee
Flask-limiter author among others

Grey Li
Pallets maintainer

Miguel Grinberg
A Pallets maintainer and author of the Flask Mega Tutorial

Steven Loria
Author of Marshmallow, Flask-Marshmallow and tons of other cool stuffs