6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 th of December 2021

Raise money for the Pallets and PSF

We are paid this year ... just to raise money to gap in the loss of revenues even be it by a little!

Terrific Speakers

Be prepared to experience flask experts from around the world ~


Start: Monday September 27, 2021 0:00 AM GMT
End: Sunday October 24, 2021 0:00 AM GMT

A week full of fun

We are planning to gouche in 30 talks and one day of community projects. To that end we'd be happy to put in a whole week of conference.

The conference has the aim of exploring the Flask community itself. It's the opportunity to meet the whole Flask landscape as well to get pull in the cutting edge features of Flask.


Meet folks!

The live QnA as well as talk setup maximises interaction time with speakers. Join a fun, casual ride and make flask friends with folks all over the world!


Book your tickets

The conf this year is an opportunity not to miss! Next year it's expected to become a regular conf. The fare this year rocks. Be sure you are seated!

Here are our Reviewers

A great panel to say the least!