1st—4th December, 2021

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100% Flask

Talks, community, initiatives and more!


Start: Sunday September 26, 2021 0:00 AM GMT
End: Thursday November 4, 2021 0:00 AM GMT


From the website to staff, the conference is 100% volunteer-driven!

A week full of fun

We are planning 30 talks and one day of community projects. To that end we'd be happy to put in a whole week of conference.

The conference has the aim of exploring the Flask community itself. It's an opportunity to see the whole landscape of Flask and get a peek at new, cutting edge features.


Meet folks!

The live Q&A and talk setup maximizes interaction time with speakers. Join the fun and make Flask friends with folks from all over the world!


Book your tickets

The conference this year is an opportunity not to be missed! We expect it will become a regular annual conference. Be sure to get a spot!
Contributions go towards the Pallets and PSF orgnisations.

Here are our Reviewers

A great panel!

David Lord

Pallets lead maintainer

Alexander Hultnér

Renowned Flask speaker who has been exploring the boundaries of auto tests generation and schema-based testing!

Jürgen Gmach

Maintainer of flask-reuploaded, the maintained fork of flask-uploads among others

Adam Englander

Pallets maintainer

Namgyal Brisson

A frenchman working for his own account with a vast experience working with many big names. Accepted from day 1 to help us out!

Julien Demoor

Frenchman with a vast Python experience whose role was key in the realisation of this conf

Ali-akber Saifee

Flask-limiter author among others

Grey Li

Pallets maintainer

Miguel Grinberg

A Pallets maintainer and author of the Flask Mega Tutorial

Steven Loria

Author of Marshmallow, Flask-Marshmallow and tons of other cool stuffs

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